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Our tourniquets are offered in two very unique styles. Our lightly textured tourniquet provides unparalleled control and comfort when applied to a patient’s arm. The progressive design prevents the tourniquet from slipping or unraveling during critical moments in a blood draw when precision is imperative. Our smooth tourniquet offers high end comfort, ideal for patients who require gentle care due to fragile or at-risk skin.

Millions of people in the U.S. (including a substantial percentage of healthcare workers) experience a sensitivity to latex and wish to eliminate latex from their healthcare environment. Tempo’s tourniquets are not made with natural rubber latex.

Adult Tourniquet 1″ x 18″

Product Code: T118 (Blue, High Texture)
Product Code: TS118 (Blue, Low Texture)
Product Code: TH118O (Safety Orange, Low Texture)
Product Code: TP118Y (Yellow. Low Texture)

Pediatric Tourniquet 3/4″ x 12″

Product Code: TP3412O (Safety Orange, Smooth)

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Packaging: 250 EA/BX & 4 BX/CS
Additional Features: Polyisoprene

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