Citric Thermal Disinfection

Citric Thermal Disinfection

50% Citric Acid

Citric Acid 50% is a liquid concentrate for the citric thermal disinfection, cleaning, and decalcification of hemodialysis machines.

  • Disinfecting properties include bactericidal, fungicidal, mycobacteriacidal at 83°C, exposure time 15 minutes1,2,3
  • Safe to use and neutral to the environment
  • Minimal time required for application
  1. Test report No. L17/0337.2
  2. Test report No. L17/0337.5
  3. Test report No. L17/0337.9

50% Citric Acid, 6 L

Product Code: 8000

50% Citric Acid, 10 L

Product Code: 8001

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Manufacture: B. Braun

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